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Kimberlee Kovach has been a leader and visionary in the modern mediation and dispute resolution movement for over thirty-five years.



About Kim


Kim has served as a mediator for over thirty-five years, in a very wide array of disputes.  These range from two-party contractual matters to a multi-party departmental reorganization.  General categories of types of cases handled include all types of business matters, employment, real estate, bankruptcy, franchise matters, personal injury, landlord tenant, family, elder care, and health care.

Understanding the various approaches to mediation, and that each matter is different, Kim will work with the mediation participants in exploring the different opportunities for resolution that may exist or that can be established.  

She works with lawyers and parties involved in litigation, as well as those who choose to participate in mediation before a lawsuit is filed.  Kim is also available for consultation in the design of appropriate and effective dispute resolution processes.

            Kim has also written many books and articles on the mediation process.  For a sample of those, click here.   Kim is also a prominent mediation trainer, as discussed on the training page here.

For Kim’s CV, click here.


                 Scheduling a Mediation





Scheduling a Mediation

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